This handwritten recipe cutting board will be a cherished heirloom for your family for generations to come. It also makes the perfect gift if you're looking to give something unique and one of a kind!


These cutting boards are engraved onto your choice of cutting board. Choose between eco-friendly Bamboo boards or our new high quality, Canadian Handmade Maple boards. Both boards come stored in a cotton muslin bag, ready to give as the perfect gift. Plus they are 100% useable! We recommend cutting on the back of the cutting board and displaying the engraved side when not in use.


Bamboo Board Choices

-Paddle style board. Measures 13.5x7

-Rectangle with handle. Measures 11.5x8.75


Maple Board Choices

-Paddle style board. Measures 7x14

-Rectangle with handle. Measures 11x14

-Butcher block. Measures 10x14


-HOW TO ORDER-Choose your size and orientation from the drop down boxes.-Complete your order.-Send and email to and attach photo(s) of your recipe to be engraved (Double Sided options are available, with one recipe per side. )-A proof of the image(s) will be sent to you for approval. If we do not hear back from you approving the image by the end of the processing time, we will still process your order to fulfill processing timelines. -If there is a problem with your image, we will send you a message to try to get a new one. If we do not hear back from you within the processing time frame we will return your order to you.

-TIPS FOR CAPTURING YOUR RECIPE scan works best, but we understand that may not always work for everyone. Luckily photos work too!-Using your phone, snap a picture of your recipe on a flat surface in bright lighting-Make sure you're not casting a shadow over the recipe-Make sure the picture is bright, clear and not blurry-If some of the writing is faint or not legible, you can trace over the text with the same color pen or a pencil to make it bolder and legible before taking the picture.

**Please note that depending on the notecard/paper the lines may or may not show when being engraved




-Due to allergies, we do not treat the boards before sending. To ensure the longevity of your board treat it with a mineral or natural oil.-Hand wash with warm soapy water and wipe dry-Do not submerge board in water.


***PLEASE NOTE Board color varies, some can be lighter and some will be darker. Due to the varying shades in the cutting boards, some words may engrave darker than others. This is something we have no control over.***


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Recipe Bamboo Cutting Board